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The operating principle of the coordinate measuring instrument

The operating principle of the coordinate measuring instrument

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The principle of the coordinate measuring instrument:
a) The measuring instrument can be defined as: a detector with three directions of movement, which can be moved on three mutually perpendicular guide rails, the detector transmits signals in contact or non-contact manner, three axes The displacement measuring system (such as the optical ruler) calculates the coordinates (x, y, z) of each point of the workpiece and various functional measuring instruments through a data processor or a computer. The working principle is that the measuring system made by grating diffraction is commonly called optical ruler. The light source is projected onto the swimming scale and the main scale through the aiming lens, and the principle of Moire stripe light and dark signal is generated by the light wave. The tube receives its signal and can be displayed after amplification and correction, its system and output signal.
b), three coordinate measuring instrument operation method:
1. Preparation before measurement:
a. Check if the air bearing pressure is sufficient
b, install the workpiece
2), three coordinate measuring instrument probe selection and installation:
a, the appropriate probe is installed in the Z bearing connector
b. Check if the Z axis will automatically slide down (otherwise, the red pressure balance adjustment valve should be adjusted)
c, lock the appropriate position of each axis
3), three coordinate measuring instrument measurement operation:
    a, turn on the processor power
b, open the printer switch
c. Refer to the operation manual and select the command for the desired function.
d, perform measurement, and read the measured value
4), after the completion of the three-coordinate measuring instrument:
a, the Z axis is moved to the original position, locked
b, X, Y axis are moved to the center, locked
c, turn off the power and pressure valve
d, remove the probe
e, and make proper maintenance