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The projector base produced by our company has entered the Yangtze River Delta and the South Pearl River Delta region and has been well received by customers. Our products are mainly exported to Germany, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan and other countries and regions. , JIS, product packaging in line with international export standards.




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Granite measuring tools

Granite measuring tools

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The marble plane inspection platform is also called granite platform specification: no more than 3000mm×5000mm. It is suitable for the reference plane for various inspection work accuracy measurement. It is used for machine tool inspection and measurement standard; check the dimensional accuracy or shape deviation of parts and make Precision scribing and scribing, etc.
     The marble plane inspection station is strictly in accordance with the "GB/T 8601. 2001, JC/T 79-2001 standard" marble plate for various inspection work, such as the reference plane for precision measurement, inspection and measurement of various machine tools, inspection of parts Dimensional accuracy, row position deviation, and made a precise line, marble slab.
     The marble slab is a workbench that can not be lacking in scribing, measuring, riveting and tooling. The marble slab can also be used as a mechanical test rig. It is suitable for various inspection work. The reference plane for precision measurement is used for machine tool inspection and measurement. Benchmarking, checking dimensional accuracy or behavioral deviation of parts. Granite slabs are precision reference measuring tools made of natural stone materials. They are ideal datums for inspection of instrumentation, precision tools and mechanical parts. Especially for high-precision measurement, due to its unique characteristics, the cast iron plate is dwarfed. Remarks: The marble platform is a kind of measuring tool. The products of this material include granite flat ruler, granite parallel gauge and granite v-frame.